Candidate Profiles

Candidates for Clerk of Court (Republicans)

Clerk candidate Gordie: Customer service, court efficiency are priorities

Although he is not a practicing attorney, Rob Gordie Jr. said his legal background is one of the factors that make him the best person to lead the court system in Iredell County.

Clerk of court candidate Griffith trumpets county, school experience

As a two-term Iredell County commissioner, Renee Griffith said she’s seen what works well and what doesn’t in county government.

McCrary touts legal experience in clerk of court race

Attorney Dustin McCrary said the thing that sets him apart from his four Republican challengers for Iredell Clerk of Court is his profession.

Clerk candidate Wyatt cites background in law enforcement

Ron “Duck” Wyatt said he has the unique qualifications to head the court system in Iredell County.

Clerk of Court Mixson trumpets improvements to office’s operation

When he was appointed Iredell County clerk of court in 2012, Jim Mixson said, he brought with him experience in the legal system as a probation officer and training in management from his job with Coca-Cola.

Candidates for Register of Deeds (Republicans)

Register of deeds challenger Harrell touts life experience

In her campaign to become Iredell County register of deeds, Kimberly Harrell says her broad work and life experience better qualify her for the job than four-year incumbent Matt McCall, whom she faces in the May 6 Republican primary.

Iredell Register of Deeds McCall seeks second term

In the four years since Iredell County elected Matt McCall to the office of Register of Deeds, the 29-year-old Republican has slashed his department’s annual budget by 43.4 percent for a total savings of about $1.4 million.

Candidates for Sheriff (Republicans)

Iredell sheriff candidate Redmond aims to improve office morale

Bill Redmond said his business experience, combined with 20 years in law enforcement, provided him with the needed skills to be the sheriff of Iredell County.

Sheriff candidate Nicholson says integrity needed in office

Mark Nicholson said his 20-plus years of experience in law enforcement have prepared him to lead the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff candidate Campbell trumpets experience, ‘lifelong commitment’

Becoming sheriff of Iredell County is something Darren Campbell said he’s strived for since he was first sworn in as a reserve deputy more than 20 years ago.

Candidate Ashley says sheriff's office needs fresh set of eyes

In his campaign literature, Wayne Ashley said his focus in life is “God, Family and Work” and that his faith led him to attempt to become the next sheriff of Iredell County.

Iredell sheriff candidate Lunsford trumpets business, law enforcement background

As the father of an elementary school student, Raven Lunsford said he wants to build relationships between law enforcement and children.

Candidates for Sheriff (Democrats)

Iredell candidate Ervin aims to be ‘everybody’s sheriff’

With his experience in local and federal law enforcement, Rick Ervin said he believes he is the best candidate to become Iredell County’s next sheriff.

Iredell sheriff candidate Brown aims to restore confidence in office

After retiring from the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office, Atley Brown said he believes he should be the voters’ choice to head the agency with which he worked for 30 years.

Iredell sheriff candidate Moore hopes to bring business experience to office

Bill Moore said he believes the sheriff’s office should be operated like a business, and that’s what he’s prepared to do if elected sheriff.

Democratic Iredell sheriff hopefuls talk budget, response times

All three Democratic candidates for Iredell County sheriff answered questions regarding their qualifications, budget and supervisory experience, as well as their plans to address response time-issues during a forum Monday night at the Iredell County Government Center.

Candidates for Board of Commissioners (Republicans)

Iredell Board of Commissioners candidate T.J. Johnson campaigns on conservatism

T.J. Johnson had never considered making a run for public office until his wife, Jennifer, gave birth to their first child 20 months ago.

Norman: Education motivating fourth bid for board

Vice-Chairman Marvin Norman became the first African-American to serve on the Iredell County Board of Commissioners in 2002, and the reasons behind his desire to serve have not changed headed into the May 6 primary.

In bid for seat, Mallory says jobs are top priority

There are some people who might think that James Mallory is aiming too low by making a run for Iredell County Board of Commissioners his entry into politics.

Houpe running on experience for commissioner seat

Having sought the office several times in the past, Gene Houpe has developed a clear vision of how he could serve Iredell County if elected to the Board of Commissioners.

Steve Johnson seeks final board term

After serving for two decades on the Iredell County Board of Commissioners, Chairman Steve Johnson is almost ready to give up the gavel so he can spend time with his newborn granddaughter and focus on doing missions work with his church, Western Avenue Baptist.

Commissioner candidate Basinger running to unite diverse Iredell

In the 11 years since Jason Basinger moved to Mooresville to start a family with his wife in the region where they grew up, the 39-year-old Republican has noticed just how detached his neighbors in southern Iredell feel from their county government.

Candidates for House District 84 (Republicans)

N.C. House candidate White says work to be done in Raleigh

Jay White said that four years ago, he learned a couple of things about politics. The first of them was that the brightest bulb may not always the one that lights up the voters, and the other is that you have to run for the right office.

Candidate Sherrill aims for legalization of medical marijuana

Kirk Sherrill has made the legalization of medical marijuana the primary plank in his campaign platform in his candidacy for a seat on the North Carolina House of Representatives.

N.C. Rep. Rena Turner NCGA page

We were unable to reach Rena Turner for an interview. Here is here legislative page on the N.C. General Assembly's website.

Candidates for House District 95 (Republicans)

Statesville native Fraley aims for Brawley's house seat

Self-described “conservative businessman” John Fraley of Mooresville is challenging Rep. Robert Brawley in May’s Republican primary for the 95th District House seat.

Brawley: More statesmanship needed in Raleigh

Robert Brawley has seen a lot of changes in his many years – over two stints -- in the North Carolina House of Representatives. And most of them he hasn’t liked.

Candidates for School Board District 1

School board candidate Clontz looks to improve teacher morale

For the past eight years, Scott Clontz has kept a watchful eye over Iredell-Statesville Schools.

District 1 candidate Johnson hopes to bring ‘fresh ideas’ to I-SS

At a forum for school board candidates earlier this month, David Johnson said that he thought Iredell-Statesville Schools was a great system and he only wanted to help it improve.

School board candidate James puts focus on ag programs, transparency

Max James doesn’t have an agenda. “But don’t that confuse that with not caring,” he said.

Candidates for School Board District 3

Haynes seeks District 3 seat in I-SS board race

As a parent, Cindy Haynes advocated for Iredell-Statesville Schools to do more for the individual needs of its students. As an employee of the school district, she did the same.

I-SS board candidate Morrow to focus on cooperation

From June 2011 to August 2012, Craig Morrow voluntarily broadcast a Saturday morning show on local radio station WSIC in which he recapped the county’s Friday night football action.

School board candidate Donnelly says teachers’ concerns a priority

As a former social worker and substitute teacher, John Donnelly has spent most of his professional career either caring for, or working to teach others to better care for, young children.

School board incumbent Rogers hopes to build on I-SS success

As the only former full-time public school teacher on Iredell-Statesville Schools’ Board of Education, John Rogers believes he brings a unique set of knowledge and experience to the governance of the school system.

District 3 candidate Ross aims to boost public’s confidence in I-SS

As a senior captain in the United States Coast Guard, Kevin Ross once managed $500 million of government assets —property and personnel — spread from the Arabian Sea south of Pakistan to the American Midwest.

Candidates for School Board District 5

Teacher Martin Page to run for seat on I-SS board

A longtime teacher in one of Iredell-Statesville Schools’ heralded technical programs is the first non-incumbent to declare candidacy for one of the four Board of Education seats up for election in May.

I-SS board candidate Sawyer wants bigger voice for south end

Iredell-Statesville Schools Board of Education candidate Vickie Sawyer said she is committed to “giving southern Iredell County parents a voice and a seat at the table,” because she believes they are a “forgotten pocket of the county.”

Candidates for School Board District 7

School board candidate Moody aims to mend fences

Dennis Moody thinks he has the right perspective to serve on Iredell-Statesville Schools’ Board of Education.

Drugs, school costs are candidate Frady’s focus

Attacking the problem of drugs in schools and lessening the costs of building and maintaining schools are motivating Kenny Frady to run for the District 7 seat on the Iredell-Statesville Schools Board of Education.

Bonham seeks to continue I-SS’ progress

Four years ago, Mooresville’s Anna Bonham won a seat on Iredell-Statesville Schools Board of Education. Since then it’s been an “up and down ride,” she said.

I-SS board candidate Stevens: No agenda, ‘just the children’

Tricia Stevens said she was always a “very involved” mother when it came to her children’s schooling, and she believes that experience would be invaluable on the Iredell-Statesville Schools Board of Education.

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