After 25 years of service to the community, Dr. Randall Perry could not just let go of his dental practice easily.

Perry, of Calm Waters Dentistry in Statesville and Mooresville, is in the process of turning over his business of 25 years to Dr. Nicholas Wentworth.

Turning it over to the right person was essential, Perry said.

 “I could never just drop it, I would have to make sure it was turned (over) to the right person and entrusted in the right person and Dr. Wentworth is that person,” Perry said. “I have been amazed with him and he is such a great young talent that is coming out and he treats people so kindly.”

Practice beginnings

“My wife Scarlett and I started our periodontal practice from the ground up in Statesville in 1994. I became (a) board certified periodontist that same year,” Perry said.

When Perry started the practice, the focus was on advanced periodontal treatment which focuses on a patient’s gums and implant placement.

A second location was opened in Mooresville in 1998 after dentists wanted the specialty work of periodontics to be done in the area.

“In 2004, we incorporated general dentistry into our periodontal practice. This change would allow us to take care of all of our patients’ dental needs from start to finish,” Perry said.

With the increase in business over the years, Perry knew he needed to find someone who could cater to patients.

“When we switched to general dentistry we got busier we had the two offices …  after doing it for 25 years, I just felt like it was time for me to slow down a little bit and in comes Nick… Dr. Wentworth,” Perry said.

The right fit

Wentworth was a match for Perry for many reasons, but one was because he wanted to practice the same way he has been for years.

“That was what was important, to be honest with you, when we met it was a perfect match because we both wanted to practice the same way … and that’s so important … these patients are not just patients, they are our family,” Perry said.

Perry has practiced throughout the years with a personal dental philosophy.

“Our dental philosophy has been based on, one, educating patients about their dental needs and options so they could make informed decisions about their future dental treatment,” Perry said. “Number two, teaching our patients about proper oral hygiene so that we could create a healthy oral foundation.”

The dental practice works to be more personable than a corporate dental office, which set them apart for Wentworth.

“And that’s exactly what I was looking for; I didn’t want to be in a corporate setting,” Wentworth said. “It was about education, so people understand how to take care of their teeth. It’s not about me trying to do more dentistry.”

The dentists both want to focus on the patient and not the money.

“My patients get my personal phone number, they can call me 24/7, that’s rare these days, but that’s neat that people know they can get ahold of you when they have a problem,” Perry said. “I think that’s what’s wrong with our country - we are losing that, we are losing the ability to care for people and take pride in your work and make a difference, that’s what we have always tried to do and I guess that’s the passion.”

Currently both dentists are bringing this passion to Calm Waters as Wentworth officially started on Aug.1 after talking about this for around a year.

“I am going to work for probably the next five to seven years with Dr. Wentworth and we have gotten so busy because we have the two offices (that) we needed another doctor, but I had to find that right person that cared and wanted to take care of people,” Perry said.

“It’s emotional because to give blood sweat and tears to these people that have been with you 20-25 years and then they are worried you are going to leave, I hear ‘you’re not leaving are you?’ No, I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to be here for another five to seven (years) but it gives me peace in my heart to eventually know that one day you are going to have to retire and if you can leave it in the hands of someone that’s doing what you did that gives you peace about everything,” Perry said.

Before this transition, Wentworth worked in Hickory for two years and currently lives in Mooresville with his wife Kendra and two daughters.

“Dr. Wentworth is an avid barefoot skier. Dr. Wentworth says that barefoot skiing on calm water puts you in a place of tranquility and peacefulness,” Perry said. “Dr. Wentworth would like to create the same feeling of calm for his patients during their dental appointments.”

Since starting, Wentworth has already received a warm welcome.

“It is beautiful here, the people in Statesville are wonderful, good people - they have been so supportive, kind. They have allowed us and trusted us to do their dental care and what an honor … it really has been,” Wentworth said. “I can’t say enough about how so far it has gone. People are great here.”

In the future, Wentworth hopes not to make changes, but to carry on the philosophy Perry has carried over the years.

“I wanted to come in and not change anything … I just wanted to not scare patients, not make any changes we just wanted to keep everything going the same,” Wentworth said.

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