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Right on the flag

Thank you for printing the comments regarding the American flag at Camping World Oct. 12 by Gibby Jenkins, John Flowers and Jennifer Edwards. Their comments were absolutely “on target.”

Lois Tucker


Clone Campbell

If Statesville is looking for a new police chief, all they need to do is to clone Iredell County Sheriff Darren Campbell

Herb Poole


“No’ to voter ID amendment

When it comes to voting, I believe in the integrity of our elections; I believe in eliminating fraud.

We need a voting process that works for everyone and, therefore, for democracy. That’s why on Nov. 6, I will vote AGAINST the “Constitutional amendment to require voters to provide photo identification before voting in person.”

I’m not against photo ID’s; it would be nice if everyone had one. But there are many — people of color, low-income, rural, elderly, disabled and transgender people — in North Carolina who do not have a state-issued photo ID.

The cost to those people is estimated to be $75 to $100, not to mention the time off work, the daycare costs and/or the transportation expense of getting to the Department of Motor Vehicles and standing in line.

The signature attestation system we have now saw only TWO cases of voter impersonation from 2000 to 2012. This amendment does not protect the integrity of our elections; it does quite the opposite. It undermines their integrity by discriminating against and excluding whole groups of voters — at least 1,400 in the 2016 election when the supermajority of the N.C. General Assembly mandated a version of the photo ID.

This supermajority put this amendment on the ballot without specifying what kind of photo ID will be required. They will determine that when they reconvene Nov. 29, BEFORE the new legislators, whom we will elect on Nov. 6, are seated.

That is fraud—another reason I’m voting AGAINST the voter ID amendment.

Stephen Boyd


‘One Term Ted’

Like most Iredell County residents, I keep getting notices from U.S. Rep. Ted Budd as to how great he is and how off base he thinks Democratic challenger Kathy Manning is.

Budd claims to be a proud product of Dallas Theological Seminary, with a master’s degree in educational leadership. The day the Ten Commandments were discussed N.C. Ted must have been out with Texas Ted (Cruz, the U.S. senator) and President Donald Trump.

The commandment I am referring to is: Thou shall not bare false witness against thy neighbor. Since Manning and Budd do not live close to each other, I guess the neighbor part does not matter.

Fact: The Budd campaign was forced to pull false ads from two TV stations because of false claims about Manning and her husband.

The Lexington Dispatch put it this way in an editorial: “Cheap Scare Tactics and Outright Falsehoods.”

Let’s give Budd a well-earned new title: “One Term Ted.”

Sam Hall


Manning would protect healthcare

Watching Kathy Manning and Ted Budd’s debate reinforced for me why we must support Manning’s run for Congress.

Manning was clearly the best prepared, most passionate and focused on the real-world problems North Carolinians face every day. She is deeply committed to affordable healthcare for all, and is especially mindful of protecting the healthcare rights of those with pre-existing conditions.

While Budd claims to protect pre-existing conditions, he has done nothing to fight to keep healthcare affordable for middle-class citizens. As Manning said: “If you have it on the menu but you can't afford it, it doesn't matter that it's on the menu. If you make insurance for people with pre-existing conditions so expensive that it's out of reach, you are not protecting people with pre-existing conditions.”

I have my own pre-existing condition. Many of my patients did, too. I know Manning can relate to exorbitant health-care costs I and so many others are faced with because of her own battle with pharmaceutical companies after her daughter became ill. Manning has shown in her words and actions that she will fight for all North Carolinians, and I am proud to support her.

Mark Hyman


Manning is clear choice

As a cancer survivor, surely one of my biggest concerns this midterm election is continued access to affordable healthcare for all Americans with pre-existing conditions.

Don't we ALL have pre-existing conditions at some point in our lives? I believe all Americans deserve affordable healthcare; Kathy Manning believes so too. Luckily, the “American Health Care Act” or “Trumpcare” bill failed. In layman’s terms, it was designed to force hardworking Americans to drop their health insurance. But before it failed, it passed through the U.S. House, with North Carolina’s Ted Budd supporting it.

Budd seems to be a nice guy. But unfortunately, he supported a bill that would have increased my premiums to the point that I’d be forced to drop my health coverage. He voted to cut Medicaid for lower-income Americans just so the rich could get a big, fat tax break. I think that's totally unacceptable; Manning thinks so, too.

I’m voting for Kathy Manning because she’s a compassionate, accountable public servant who deeply cares about our healthcare and places a higher value on what matters than on someone else’s tax cuts.

I hope, for the sake of all North Carolinians, we will allow her to work for us.

Cheryl Luteman


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