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I’ve been silent for months because I was waiting for Trump to do something to MAGA. Trump promised to drain the swamp and that’s what he did but what do you find at the bottom of every swamp?

Most people learn from their mistakes, but he just tries to put the blame on everyone else. Not once has he taken the blame for anything. With the coronavirus, we all know the stories of what he knew and when he knew it but all he will says “well it wasn’t his fault”. He hollers the cupboards were bare when I took office but I had other things to worry about like covering up misdeeds and building his wall. You have been in office for almost four years so quit blaming Obama and all the way back to George Washington and fill them.

I was dumb enough to support him once but I was also smart enough to wake up. I think he is so insecure he has to be told he is the greatest and supported by his own kind of followers and that is even more scary. They believe all the junk he spews out. A good leader will surround himself with knowledgeable people and that’s why they are called advisors! You listen to their advice and follow their advice and discuss it in an intelligent manner during so-called staff meetings and you give them credit. That’s what he promised when running but he feels insecure and downplays their advice and if they say something about it he fires them. Do you people want four more years of this?

This country cannot survive four more years of the stupidity. Example, when he hires someone they are the greatest thing since sliced bread and when the honeymoon is over and they stand up to him he fires them and talks trash about them. The other day he was ask what if China develops a vaccine first? He said that would be great, “we have no egos here”. The only hope we have is someone else drive the boat.

Gibby Jenkins


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Rich Pisani

I think it was not a Democrat but rather a republican who wrote this since he said he voted for trump the first time around.

Don Ledbetter

This is definitely a letter from a Democratic illogical mindset and definitely from a "never Trumper"...I wonder how many prayers you have lifted up for President Trump who is most definitely working for the good of all ...Many today, have been blinded by the "god" of this world.. Don Ledbette

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