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In a Letter to the Editor, Gibby Jenkins asked do you want four more years of this. Gibby made it about President Trump. My answer to the question is, no I don’t want four more years of the Democrats lying to the American people. There are documents that show that they say the truth under oath but when they’re in front of the camera, they lie to the American people.

No, I don’t want four more years of Democrats wasting taxpayer money on baseless investigations. Yes, there are documents showing that the investigations were unwarranted. No, I don’t want Democrats taking our freedoms away and picking and choosing who gets to conduct business and who doesn’t like many of the Democrat governors have done. Talk about being a dictator, we have had one Democrat governor stating if you (don’t) follow my rules, we won’t let you have food, really! Sounds like a dictator to me. Then, they have let prisoners out (rapist and such) because of the virus ... then threaten to jail small business owners that want to open to survive, which steps all over the Constitution. Don’t know about you, but I don’t want four more years of that, vote a Democrat into the White House that is what we will have.

The next four years will be challenging. There is no one I would rather have in the White House than a strong President Trump. Yes, he has fired people, but that is what happens when you want a business to succeed, you find the best and let the obstacles go. Our country needs to be run like a business. A business for the American people, not everyone else in the world, that is what President Trump has been trying to do. Just imagine how great the American citizen would be doing if the President had some support from the Democrats and the media instead of having to use all the energy fighting the Democrats and media trying to overthrow him. I don’t want four more years of attempts to overthrow our president. I would like four years of support for the president, because that is the way Americans are suppose act no matter who is president. Because we are Americans!

Greg Patton


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Don Ledbetter

Great Letter very well stated.

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